Write a 4-5 page essay responding to the following questions. Use APA citation properly and provide a synthesis of the questions listed below. Do not just respond to questions: state a claim and back it up. You will be graded in this section on how well you understand the concepts, the topics covered in class lectures & discussions and the content of the readings that you must have completed.

include at least 5 academic journal articles (peer reviewed is preferred but not obligatory). Aside from that, use government resources and any other applicable articles. From 2 Authors that listed

1. Select a social welfare policy for analysis. This policy can be from any country or an international policy. Email me your ideas for comments by March 15.

(a) Introduction- Summarize the social issue to be addressed by this policy. Use data from government or non-profit sources as evidence.

(b) Policy Outline- Explain the details of your selected policy. Who does it serve? How is it implemented? What are the tools that government uses (taxes, inkind, etc.)? How much budget is dedicated? What are the policy goals (economic efficiency, equity, ease of enforcement or application of policy, political feasibility)?

(c) Contrast Economic Theory- Consider the economic theory underlying this policy and explain its mechanisms. Does this policy fall under Keynesian reform? How would Friedman consider this policy? What would be liberal debates around the way that this policy currently functions? Think of this as a dialogue between two schools of thought; who would support this policy as it is and why? Who would want to change it and why?

(d) Economic Policy Analysis- Explain why should government intervene? How should government intervene? What are the effects of government intervention? Why is government acting in the way that it does?

(e) Evaluation & Recommendation- What is your evaluation of this policy? Does it meet its policy goal (efficiency, equity, political feasibility)? If not, why? If other values were more goals, how would you alter this policy?

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