hey all, I have been asked to resubmit my lab report, as i have apparently missed vital information in the results and discussion section, I am not sure what I have missed or failed to include my biggest problem is that I have a maximum word limit of 1500 words, i don;t get 10% either way. if someone could go through my lab report and the file called sns report instructions and data file, which contains all the instructions for the sections plus the relevant survey data and statistics. any assistance would be greatly appreciated as this is worth 45% of my overall marks. if you find any issues with the rest of the lab report please feel free to fix them up also. it must be in APA 6th edition style and no more then 1500 words as my tutor has stated in-text references do form part of the word count. Everything from the beginning of your introduction to the end of your discussion section formulates part of your word count. so as long as that’s under 1500 i am happy. once again thank you so much for your time .

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