Effects of Occupational Stress on Cognitive Performance in Police Officers, assignment help

Writing the Article Review – Each question needs to be answered.

 Provide a synopsis of the article. Make sure to address these questions:

o What is this article specifically addressing?

o How does this article related to your selected topic?

o Did the article contain research? Provide a summary of the research that was discussed, as applicable.

o If applicable: What data was used? What instruments, if any, were used to collect data?

o If applicable: What were some of the conclusions, if any, to the research in this article?

 Your synopsis should end with a review and critique of your article. Make sure to address these questions:

o What references did the author use in this article?

o Was the article reliable and valid? Explain.

o Was this article well-written? Thoughtful and reflective?

o What were the limitations in this article? Any variables?

o What other thoughts or comments do you have related to this article?

There is no minimum number of pages as your article review should live on its own wiki page and should be substantive.

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