Egypt civilization

There are a number of deductions that Africa lacks history due to the fact that many of the African history still are undocumented. More concentration has been in the northern region around the Nile valley that has documented history dating back to the end times of the Neolithic period. The concentration from the article is on the basic look on the contribution of the Nile valley towards the civilization in Egypt and the period spreading towards regions of Nigeria.

The Nile River is of great significance in the contribution to the civilization in Africa due to the fact that it is one of the longest rivers in the world and in fact the longest in Africa therefore it touches a number of countries. Without River Nile, Egypt would have been rendered a dry region just like other northern regions of Africa. Looking back however, the Egypt region did not depend on Nile River for agriculture. Towards the end of the Neolithic period, Egypt was an agriculturally rich country not dependent on river Nile for agriculture as it is currently. The dependence on Nile River as a source for Agriculture started with the spread of the Sahara desert and therefore, Nile River became a great landmark for Egypt civilization as it affected the lives of people living within the Nile valley having to water groups and sometimes control flooding from the Nile River.

A form of civilization starts with the generation of some source of lively hood. The River Nile was a great contributor to agriculture. People living within the Nil Valley used these water to water their crops and animals. One big challenge however was that flooding was regular and a time swept away all the crops. Depending on floods for irrigation was not an easy task. The flooding on Nile River immensely shaped the political decision of the valley.

The Egypt region has been thought to influence greatly the civilization in other parts of Africa. Although there is fragmented data some of the Egyptian objects have been found in other parts of Africa like the Zambezi river and some of the practices for example in Ghana can be traced to Egypt. Many regions surrounding Egypt were interested in Nile valley and Egypt because of agriculture and military men. Some used the Nile valley to access other parts of Africa for example the Nubians.

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