There are two sections to respond to please separate each Sub-Category

Please respond to the following items:

  • Discuss the Egyptian Civilization.
  • What was the role of the Nile River in the development of the civilization?
  • What was the spiritual life in Egyptian society like?
  • What was the purpose of the pyramids?
  • Describe the extent of the Egyptian Empire.
  • Who was Akhenaten and what religious changes did he implement?

In a separate response

Please respond to the following items?

  • What do the selections from Xenophon, Aristotle, and Plutarch reveal about the role of women in the Athenian household?
    • In Sparta?
    • How do they differ?
    • How are they similar?
    • Why?
  • How did the Greeks conceive the “natural” attributes of men and women and how did the Greek view of the world shape Greek conceptions of gender and gender roles?
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