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Hello i need a good and positive comment related with this argument .A paragraph  with no more  90 words.Nelly Jacobo3 postsRe:Topic 4 DQ 1When comparing the healthcare system of United States to ten other similar industrialized nations, United States places last. United States continues to place last for ten straight years. United States health care system is the most expensive in the world. Not only is United States spending more money in healthcare, but they continue to have an increase in patient illnesses as well as low life expectancy (Khazan, 2014).Despite the increase money spent in healthcare, no changes are visible. United States spends 17.7% of GDP on healthcare, much more than all of the other countries. United States spends approximately $8,500 per person on health care. It is said that United States measures of health access, efficiency, and equity places last among the other countries. United States appears to be doing well in providing primary care, unfortunately not all individuals can afford medical coverage. The low-income group of individuals lack the ability to afford coverage along with primary, secondary and tertiary prevention. Due to the lack of income, illnesses are not being prevented or treated. It is believed that the absence of a universal health coverage for United States is the reason for why the United states continues do have poor healthcare outcomes. It is believed that the government along with medical organizations need to work together to make positive changes that will increase United Health care system. All individuals should be granted with the same opportunity and treatment (Khazan, 2014)Although United States continues to spend much more money in healthcare, this is not producing any positive outcomes. United States continues to place last when compared to other similar nations. Not all individuals can afford coverage, therefore this continues to put a strain on our country.

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