Emotional Development in the Early Years- Psychology

Choose the best answer for each question. After choosing the best/correct answer, write a small description on why that is correct.

  1. If a mother and baby are cooing and smiling at each other, and then the mother withdraws and becomes unresponsive, the typical infant will first engage in ____________, and then in ____________.

a. self-directed coping behaviors / other-directed coping behaviors

b. crying / sleeping

c. sleeping / crying

d. other-directed coping behaviors / self-directed coping behaviors

2. Bea is the mother of 4-month-old Alex. She has been depressed since Alex’s birth and is frequently withdrawn. Because of Bea’s depression, we can expect that, in comparison to other 4-month-olds, Alex experiences will display

a. less self-regulation.

b. more active face-to-face interactions.

c. less crying and distress.

d. more fearfulness and turning away.

When answering the questions, absolutely NO PLAGIARISM. any questions, please let me know.

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