ENC1101 MDC Differences Of Online vs Traditional Dating Comparison Paper

I. What is a comparison/contrast essay?

  • When we compare, we show how two or more things are similar; when we contrast,

we show how two or more things are different.

  • A comparison and contrast essay analyzes and describes how things are alike and/or different.
  • The comparison and contrast mode is used when an author wishes to compare the similarities and contrast the differences between two or more objects or ideas.

II. What is the purpose of Comparison and Contrast?

  • Writers use comparison and contrast for two reasons:
  1. To draw distinctions among relatedsubjects. When developing an essay using comparison and contrast, you must be sure your subjects share enough common points for a meaningful discussion (Connelly 238).
  2. To recommend a choicebetween two things.

III. How does the student writer organize (set the essay structure for) a comparison/contrast


  1. Subject-by-subject comparison (239-240): Subject-by-subject divides the student essay into two sections. Writers state all the information about Subject A and then describe Subject B. Typically, the comparisons are drawn in the second part of the essay, where Subject B is described in relation to Subject A.
  2. Point-by-point comparison (240-241): Point-by-point comparison organizes the subjects of a comparison/contrast student essay through a set (and parallel) number of specific points.
  3. The student writer may also blend both of the above methods of organization to develop his/her comparisons.

MLA format, 2 pages long

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