This assignment provides an opportunity for you to analyze the steps of the research process.

Assignment Description:

Explain the process you used as you conducted your research for the final project in this class. Address each of these key steps in a 2 page reflection (you should have approximately 5-8 sentences for each step):

Considering the rhetorical situation
Identifying research questions
Using strategic searching to find answers to your research questions
Critically reading and evaluating information during your search
Overcoming challenges during the research process

How to submit your assignment:

After you complete your assignment in a Microsoft Word document, save your work, and then you will need to attach the completed document to your submission. The process will be similar to making an attachment to an e-mail:

Under Attach File, click on “Browse My Computer.”
Look up your saved document, and click “Open.
Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click “Submit.”

Your assignment submission should be a Word document (approximately 2 pages) that fully addresses the each of the key steps of the research process listed above. Be sure to proofread your assignment. This assignment is worth a possible 100 points. This assignment will be evaluated by your Instructor using the following criteria:

Please review this rubric before you begin the assignment so you are aware of how you will be evaluated: Unit 5 Writing Assignment

Please submit your completed assignment to the Unit 5 Assignment dropbox by Sunday of Unit 5

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