Using the instructions on pages 6-10 of “Essential Skills for Academic Papers,” create a two-page MLA-formatted template and submit it here. The second page will be your Works Cited page.

For information that will be unique to each essay, like the body text, you can use stand-in letters like “XXX” or something else, as a placeholder.

Be sure your template includes the following:

  • Correct margins.
  • Your last name and page number correctly formatted in the “header” of the document. This should repeat on every page.
  • A correct heading with all four elements represented, which will only appear on the first page.
  • A placeholder for the title of your papers labeled, “Title.”
  • Left-justified text (text that’s straight up and down on the left margin but jagged or not straight on the right margin).
  • Paragraphs that begin with the first line indented 1/2″.
  • Paragraphs with no extra spaces between them (show two sample paragraphs to demonstrate this).
  • The Works Cited title correctly located on the second page. One sample entry composed of stand-in letters like “xxx,” to show that the top line is left-justified and the line under that is indented 1/2″.
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