english 1302

ENGL 1302 Research Essay – Report on a ProblemFor this assignment, you’ll write an expository essay about the social, political, or ethical problem you’ve chosen to focus on throughout this course. You’ll draw from the research you conducted for your Annotated Bibliography assignment, and any additional information you need to find, and synthesize that information into a focused understanding of what the problem is, what causes the problem, and the varying approaches to solving the problem your research uncovers. It’s important to remember this essay cannot advocate for one solution or position over another; the purpose of this essay is to present the problem, it’s causes, and the conflicting viewpoints addressing the problem.Things to consider:Who does the problem affect?Why is the problem you’ve chosen important? Why should it be solved?What do people who don’t know anything about the problem need to know?How does the information you’re presenting impact, reflect upon, or otherwise relate to the problem as a whole?Essay Requirements:1000 words minimum, formatted according to MLA Guidelines.At least five credible sources, cited in your essay and listed in your Works Cited page.Full and productive participation in the workshop discussion. If your draft is incomplete, you do not participate in the the workshop discussion, or you do not fully engage in that process, you will receive a 0 on the essay.Your own work, created originally for this specific assignment. While I’ve got my plagiarism policy listed in the syllabus, the institution’s full policy can be found online and in the college catalog.

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