English annotated bibliography help!

Read the following info below and complete the assignment. Use the resource log attachment for good sources to use for this assignment!

each annotation should follow the four steps listed and must equal 100 to 200 words in length. RESEARCH ARTICLES RELATED to such things such as how to get a job as a pharmacist, how to get into pharmacy school, pharmacy residency, and best kind of pharmacist job to get. Use the resource log attachment for good sources to use for this assignment!

After reading “Mrs. Heald’s Annotated Bibliography Guide,” create a P1 Annotated Bibliography with four (4) entries, formatted in MLA style.

__ Follow steps 1-9 of the guide in detail. Mrs. Heald Annotated Bibliography Guide 021318.doc

__Create entries that follow my examples, including formatting.

__Length of each entry’s text (do not count citation information as part of length) is variable, but try for an average of 175 words. For example, the shortest sample annotation is about 95 words and the longest is 250 words of text. (Again, do not count the citation information in your word count. Just try to effectively include or answer each of the steps list on Mrs. Heald’s Annotated Bib” guide). Include enough detail in the annotation for your readers to understand who the author is, why the author is believable (or not), what the source is about, and how the source is important to your research or to researchers generally.

__Submit your four-entry, MS Word file document as an attachment to this assignment site.

Note: If you have been saving MLA citation information as part of your research logs/records for P1, developing the Annotated Bibliography should be mostly a matter of copying from your thoughtful records and paring down your notes. Must be related to the pharmaseutical industry.

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