english composition

Watch the following video.https://youtu.be/TBuIGBCF9jcIn this motivational speech, Admiral McRaven gives us ten advices through ten different anecdotes.Write a paragraph of 200 words or more and no less than 10 sentences where you answer the following questions.What is your favorite anecdote/advice?Why? (provide two reasons)How do you put into practice this advice in your personal life? (provide two)What is your advice to your classmates? (related to your favorite anecdote)*Do not use informal language:contractions, informal (slang) words/expressions.**Use transitional words:first, another, also, however, therefore, furthermore, etc.***Discussion 4 is due next Sunday, August 14, at midnight.****Late submissions will be graded with the following penalties:1-2 days late: 10 points will be deducted3 days late: 20 points will be deducted

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