Below are the details for Week 1, and information for the assignment throughout the following weeks. I will most likely need help throughout the 8-week course. Committed, serious help only please!

ENG-101 English Composition I

W1 – Assignment: Choose a Focus for Week 7 Final Paper

In Week 7, you will submit the final draft of a 750-word paper about a problem or issue in your community or workplace that includes University Library research (scholarly sources). You will compose sections of your paper throughout this course. Each week you will complete a section, starting with this week’s assignment, and by the end of the course, you’ll have composed a well-written final draft of an academic paper.

  • Use the Assignment Template located in the course Shared Files to complete this assignment.

  • Write a clear, grammatically correct paragraph addressing each of the points below:
    • Identify a problem in your community or workplace that you’d like to solve.
    • Write a brief description of this problem and an idea for your solution.
    • Explain why this topic is important or relevant.
    • Specify your intended audience (for example, your neighborhood association, your leadership team, or your city council)

The following will need to be steps/actions taken by me:

  • Submit your paper to the Tutoring Service for review.
  • Revise your paper based on the comments from the Tutoring Service report.
  • Submit your revised paper and the Tutoring Service report for grading.
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