English discussion

What discourses do you belong to? Share one secondary discourse that you belong to with the class here.Consider this as a pre-writing activity for your essay. BEFORE completing this activity, please ensure that you have read Gee’s “What is Literacy” and watched the lecture provided for you in Unit 1.Discuss the five points below for the secondary discourse in your post:1. How did this discourse community come about? Do some brief research (Google) to support your points here.2. What values and viewpoints (in terms of which one must speak and act), at least while being in the discourse, are highlighted in this secondary discourse?3. What opposing discourses exist?4. What objects or concepts are emphasized in the discourse?5. What is the social/hierarchical structure in the society within the discourse?6. How do you feel that being a part of this secondary discourse community makes you a unique individual?

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