Help with Body and Sources essay

This week, you’ll be continuing work on your compare/contrast passages in the discussion, and you’ll be applying feedback from me and your classmates to revise those passages.  As you consider the revision process, be sure that you’re reviewing the following:

  • Supporting details for both things being compared – is there enough for the reader to get a sense of why these things are similar as well as different?
  • Are the two things being compared related in a way that makes sense to compare them?  (For example, you likely wouldn’t compare fruits and meat – you’d compare fruits and vegetables.)
  • Have you carefully proofread your submission to ensure that there are no grammatical, mechanical, or punctuation errors?

Additionally, please post your passages directly to the discussion board as opposed to attaching them as a document, as some folks may not be able to open certainly types of attachments.  (It’s a good idea to compose your passage in Word or something like that and then copy-paste it to the discussion.)

On the essay front, this week is a big one, as  we’re diving into the body of your essays as well as the process of  settling on sources to use as support and evidence for your main ideas.  Finding credible sources can be a challenge at times, and I know that many of you have already found some good ones.  There are a lot of elements to consider, so be sure to review this week’s lesson in detail, and I’ll pop in with more information on vetting your sources later this week.  

I look forward to seeing your work this week and checking out your revisions on the discussion forum!  Have a great one and let me know if you have any questions.

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