Write an essay that answers the question below using the sources in the bottom:

In general, what might you consider a bigger influence on successfully sustaining a business in a developing country, corruption or political risk? As always provide rationale for your position.

Sources to be used in the essay:

Classic Political Risk Management Issues (Vaaler, 2012)

Sethi, S. and Luther, K. (1986) “Political risk analysis and direct foreign investment: some problems of definition and measurement’ California Management Review, 28(2): 57-68

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Emerging democracies and political business cycles (Vaaler, 2012a)

 Martinez, J. and Santiso, J. (2003) ‘Financial markets and politics: the confidence game in Latin America Emerging Countries’, International Political Science Review, 24: 363-395.

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 Vaaler, P., Scharage, B. and Block, S. (2005) ‘Counting the investor vote: political business cycle effects on sovereign bond spreads in developing countries’, Journal of International Business Studies, 36: 62-88.

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