Directions: After reviewing National American University’s academic dishonesty policy write a two-page summary explaining what the policy is and how you will avoid committing an act of academic dishonesty.

Make sure to address the following:
• Cheating
• Plagiarism
• Fabrication and Falsification
• Multiple Submission
• Complicity in Academic Dishonesty

Your essay should be written using APA style: Double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins. You should indent your paragraphs, and each paragraph should contain one idea (such as one paragraph explaining “cheating”). Each paragraph should contain 4 to 6 sentences. Since you are obtaining your information from the NAU Student Handbook you are required to cite the handbook and create a references page.

1.Student has summarized Academic Dishonesty using his or her own words.
2.Student has correctly described cheating.
3.Student has correctly described plagiarism.
4.Student has correctly described fabrication and falsification.
5.Student has correctly described multiple submission.
6.Student has correctly described complicity for academic dishonesty.
7.Student has provided examples to avoid committing an act of academic dishonesty.
8.Student has properly cited the NAU Student Handbook and a reference page is included.
9.APA style followed, per guidelines described in the directions above.
10.Student’s work is free from grammatical, spelling, and/or punctuation errors.
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