essay dis 3

Instructions:1. Find and analyze an ad using the method described below (you can use this as a pre-write / practice for your essay, if you like):Who or what is this ad about?What is the point of the ad?Where is the proof? Give 2 specific pieces of evidence from the ad that prove the “point of the ad” that you interpreted.What is the setting of the ad?Who is the intended audience for this ad?What is/are the rhetorical appeal(s) used in the ad? List one example of logos, one example of pathos, and one example of ethos used and label each.2. Post a link to your advertisement in your DB thread.3. View and respond to at least 1 of your classmates (make sure to follow length requirement instructions in first DB). See what you think of the ads your classmates chose and note if you agree with their analysis of their chosen ad.

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