The essay will be on chapter 7 the learning chapter as it is part of the

Exam 2 material. The essay is as follows:

Please explain both Classical and Operant conditioning by using an

example of each from your own life experience. Diagram , explain and

contrast each paradigm and use the following diagrammatic format:

Contrast means for example Classical Cond. is invol/Operant is vol.





Operant Pos.



Provide the proper labels for each part of the diagrams and explain the

behavior in each category and contrast the operant behavior with

that of the classical example (example one is voluntary one is

involuntary, one is reflex one learned etc.).

The essay is very straight forward label the diagrams as presented in the

essay question, example Classical conditioning would be: US= Food, UR= saliva, CS=

bell, CR = saliva

This would be the Pavlov example were he taking the test, use your own.

The operant example might be SD=time of day, response=go to work,


use your own personal example. In addition explain each paradigm using the basic

definition form the

how are they different, example: classical cond. is involuntary operant cond. is

voluntary, classical is a reflex

operant is an intentional behavior etc. Hopefully this helps. Do the best you can

should not take more than

a half hour to complete, use the text.

Example: Classical conditioning Operant Conditioning

Pavlov Thorndike

Watson Skinner

Invol Voluntary

Reflex learned

Innate intentional

A.N.S P.N.S.

smooth striate muscle

passive active

C.S. = Stimulus discriminatory

U.S. = Reinforcement

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