•Choose a hotel chain and present its program of CSR.

•Analyze it in terms of one of the ethics theories we’ve studied

.•Your personal analysis of the CSR program

.•1000-1500 words

•Select a hotel group, bigger hotel or Cruise Ship.

•They obviously need to have a CSR program.

Suggestions and help:

-Select a hotel where you have worked



•Brief overview of the hotel chain, e.g. what makes them special, size, geographical presence etc…

•Summarise their CSR program.

•What result is the CSR program having, good and bad?



•Explain the theory you have chosen •Critically analyse the CSR program (or part of it) by applying the theory.–Analyse using the approaches as discussed in class–

•According to the theory, how good/bad is the CSR program?


Your analysis and conclusions: answer at least 3 of the following questions:

•What do you think about the CSR activities of your chosen hotel?•Are they doing things that end up being bad?

•Are they not doing things that would be good to do?

•Is the CSR program only for show?

•Is there a conflict between maximizing profit and operating in a sustainable way? •Are any of their actions (or their core practices) contrary to their stated CSR practices – that is, are they being hypocritical in any ways?

•What would you do to improve the CSR practices of your chosen hotel?


Summary of Hotel Group and CSR Program

–relevant points, accurate, level of details

Analysis from Theory 1

–knowledge of the theory, used theory to analyze hotel’s CSR, Depth of analysis/appropriate detail

Personal analysis of the hotel’s CSR

–How well do they do, and why?, What else could/should they do, and why?, What might be changed that would have made it more ethical? (see questions on previous slide)

Presentation and language skills

–Format/length, Organization of ideas, grammar, references


•Use as guidance the 2 page summary of the theories and how to analyse cases. •Get inspired by example papers, uploaded to e-learning

•Read and follow the instructions, including this presentation!

•Read the respective theory chapter in the main course book, uploaded to e-learning!–Make sure you use the main parts of the theory, e.g. the categorical imperatives from Kant, Rawls Veil of ignorance etc.

•Make sure you are clear on whether something is your own opinion or from a source.

•Quotes should be referenced throughout the text.

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