You will need to submit a paper proposal of roughly 250-350 words (approx. 1 page)

You will also need to include an annotated bibliography of the resources you plan to use (approx. 2 pages). Each entry in the bibliography should consist of the full reference for the source cited in MLA format, and a paragraph of 4-5 sentences summarizing the source and stating how it will contribute to the essay.

Resources can be found by using google scholar or other scholarly research engines.

You should try to narrow the topic down a bit more from the general “School to prison pipeline” topic. For example, in the Netflix documentary The 13th, the film charts the current catastrophe of mass incarceration of black peoples in the US from the history of enslavement.

If you choose to ground your discussion historically, you talk about the similarities between conditions of the enslaved and those currently incarcerated. In addition, the role of education in facilitating this “pipeline” is crucial. As we read in the Slave Narratives, Douglass believed that education was the key to liberation. Du Bois, Booker T Washington and Malcom X also talk at length about the importance of education and, significantly, the dangers of “miseducation.”

Remember that the research assignment asks us to focus on popular culture, so it might be beneficial to think of some tv shows or films that have examined the conditions of enslavement and/or mass incarceration specifically. Alternatively, there have been many recent movies that have endeavored to examine race in America (ex. Get Out, Crash, Django Unchained, etc.) – These can also be valuable sources of analysis and discussion.

I think firstly, however, you should draw out some specific concepts that relate to the larger theme of “school to prison pipeline” – So maybe thinking in terms of state-sponsored violence and surveillance of black bodies, the role of stereotypes in criminalizing black men, masculinity and gun violence (the documentary we watched in lecture – The Darker Side of Black)

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