Evidence Chart for Portfolio Project Option #2

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For this assignment, you will create the evidence chart for two cases for your Portfolio Project, Option #2. The two cases that you choose, below, will be the basis for your Portfolio Project Option #2, due in Module 8, next week. For this assignment you need to download two documents: the evidence chart template and the Portfolio Project Fact Pattern. These are linked below.

  1. Download the evidence chart template (attached)
  2. Choose two of the following cases to chart:
    • Amy Fisher (1992)
    • OJ Simpson (1995)
    • Timothy McVeigh (Oklahoma City bombing) (1997)
    • Martha Stewart (2003)
    • Zacarias Moussaoui (2006)
    • Mary Winkler (2006)
    • George Zimmerman (2013)
  3. Thoroughly research your two chosen cases and chart the evidence in the evidence chart. FindLaw (Links to an external site.) is one of the many online resources to research information on law cases.
  4. In the evidence chart, list and describe all possible evidentiary items and issues of evidentiary law contained in the Portfolio Project Fact Pattern. (**Note: You may need to add rows and columns to the chart.)
  5. With regard to each evidentiary item listed above, identify all the evidentiary rule(s) an attorney could cite to the court to have the item admitted into evidence or suppressed during trial.
    • Provide an explanation as to your reliance on the particular rule(s).
    • For purposes of this project, assume the Federal Rules of Evidence (Links to an external site.) (FRE) are the applicable rules as well as any constitutional rules that may apply. You must clearly identify the applicable FRE or other law that applies for each piece of evidence. In some instances, more than one rule may apply.
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