In every political society there has been a structure of power sharing. Some have been more democratic and egalitarian than others. In this essay, explain the proper role of power and authority (be it governmental or another kind) in political society. In other words, make an argument for how power and authority should be shared (or not shared) and exercised in communities, regions, countries, and even globally. Should it be purely repressive? Should it be democratic? Should a given authority only exercise force when protecting its own legitimacy or power? Or, should it be productive and enhance the capabilities of those under its control? Does inequality (natural or economic) play a role? Should authority be vested in only a certain kind of individual or should it belong to everyone equally? How? Why? In your answer, consider different sources of power and authority (epistemological, intellectual, economic, legal, traditional, democratic, participatory, moral or amoral) and how they are usually legitimized. Reference different key thinkers such as Plato and Machiavelli.

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