Factors that influence the recovery of terminally-ill patients

In preparation for week 6 assignment, you will list your four required content domains you have chosen for the Integrative Literature Review and provide a minimum list of six resources you intend to use for each domain.

For the group of resources in each domain, evaluate the reliability, validity, and generalizability of the research findings and provide a rationale for including the group within the domain. These rationales should include descriptions of how the research findings will function together in the Integrative Literature Review.

Please use the format below for each of the four domains.

Name of the Domain: (e.g., Psychopharmacology)

List the complete references for each of the six resources. Format your reference list in alphabetical order according to APA style.


One to two paragraphs including the required information noted above.

The Resources for the Integrative Literature Review

  • Must include a separate title page with the following:
  • o Title of paper

    o Student’s name

    o Course name and number

    o Instructor’s name

    o Date submitted

  • Must use at least 24 scholarly sources. Must document all sources in APA style
  • Chosen Domains

    *Cognitive, Mental Health, Developmental, and Social-Emotional

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