Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail: The Importance of Financial Planning


Risk is defined as the variability of returns from an specific investment. The picture above shows the 2014 value of a $1 investment made in 1926 in various different vehicles. Looking at the above picture what is the relationship between risk and return? If you were a financial planner working for a firm such as Edward Jones, how would your investment advice be different for a client that had just graduated college, has 30 years to retirement and was just beginning to invest vs. a client that is at the end of their career, has 2 years to retirement and has accumulated enough money to retire comfortably?

Important Notes for this discussion assignment:

– First, use your own words. ( No citation , No References, No Quotes).

– Write an Initial post to answer all questions above. ( Do not make it too long ( 150 – 170 words MAXIMUM).

– Find the attached file which includes one of my classmate’s Initial post and make a short respond to him. (2-3 sentences ONLY ). ( Agree OR Like, and why agree or like his post).


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