Faith and Reason I (more easily answered by those who consider themselves to be ‘religious’

(1) Make an argument: What is more important for discerning religious truth–reason or faith?

Faith here is defined as an internal subjective sense that there is a system of cause and effect in the world that is guided by a supra-human consciousness (God, ‘The Universe’, Spirits/Souls, Ancestors, etc.) even if there is no empirical evidence that such a being or consciousness exists. Religious reason is defined by its desire to objectively prove–using logic or science or evidence– that there is a supra-human consciousness that guides cause and effect.

Make sure you come up with premises that lead to a conclusion. However, your premises and conclusion must be in a mini-essay form. A statement of your opinion or paragraphs comprised of disconnected sets of ideas don’t count. Make sure your sentences connect to form a meaningful argument.

(2) Which religious philosopher (pick from Plotinus, St. Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Philo) comes closest to your answer in the faith -vs- reason argument? Compare this religious philosopher’s arguments to your own.

Note: You must answer both questions.

Also Note: The above mini-essay can be written in two paragraphs, with paragraph one answering question one and paragraph two answering question two; or, you can write two numbered responses to the respective questions.

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