Fallacies are everywhere. They can be so common that they can hide from even the savviest reader. Ideally, now that you’ve familiarized yourself with the common fallacy types, you will be able to think of applications in your own life.

  • For this log, reflect upon a recent encounter you had – this could be with a person, written material, or a piece of media. Did you encounter any fallacies? If you believe you might have, but you can’t apply the name to the behavior that you witnessed, do your best to describe what went wrong. If these common fallacies don’t quite fit, the exercise of finding fallacious logic still has merit. You will post a response to the “Lesson 7: Reader’s Log” discussion and respond to the ideas of one other member of the class.
  • Your post should describe your encounter and the fallacy or fallacies you witnessed.
  • Your work will be scored by the following criteria.


Max. Points available

Content: In shaping his/her response, the

student applies vocabulary from the lesson correctly, and describes a

fallacy or fallacies witnessed. The type of fallacy is defined along

with a brief description of the encounter


Grammar/Mechanics: The assignment has been proofread and spellchecked prior to submission. There are no errors that impede comprehension.


Total Points Possible


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