For this assignment provide meaningful feedback. I am not asking for your opinion with grammar, or spelling or the way it is written.I am asking you to respond to the information, topic and information presented below; Pleas respond with 220 words

I would say that the biggest solution to human trafficking is the quality of life at home, where these traffickers are coming from in search of jobs, homes, and food. If home country situations were better off for these people, especially for the women, trafficking would not be such a big security issue. Providing an education for women in other countries would also help solve this issue. If more women were educated and allowed to expand their career oppurtunities, less women would be sold into trafficking and less women would use this “line of work” to provide for their families and themselves. The spotlight section basically says this at the end but I feel this is the way to end this security issue. Women need to feel more welcomed in the world in countries that don’t do this already.

Feminists believe that women and girls are vicitmized by human security failures. They believe that men only care for warfare and armed conflict to solve security problems. On page 260, Speigel says that human security is directly related to development, economic relations, and institutions. People become ridiculed and mocked for believing what they believe and living in impoverished countries does not help this situation. They begin to break down and look for other options to survive. The feminist international relation theory is attempting to start from the ground up. They are trying to work along constructivists in reminding scholars and practitioners that states’ borders and governments and principles of sovereignty are in place to provide security to every individual, whether they are man or womam.

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