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I believe that defining religion is such a difficult task because it means something different to everyone. No one person vies religion in the same exact way as anyone else, everyone forms their own definition. This makes it hard for nay one definition to be 100% correct. There were many definitions discussed, but the one I found to agree with most is that proposed by Sigmund Freud. Freud states that religion is merely an illusion, and is comparable to a form of childhood neurosis. I agree with this because there really is no concrete proof that a higher power actually exists in the world, and I think that those who choose to believe such things do so in order to avoid confronting their fear of the unknown. Having a sort of father figure with the promise of an afterlife is comforting to people, rather than having to face the harsh reality of there possibly being no life in any way after death, they choose to believe in religion and its promise of an afterlife. I think the most unconvincing definition is that of James Marineau. I think this due to the fact that he states that religion is the belief in an ever-living god, but this does not cover other important characteristics present. People don’t only believe in an eternal being, but also in principals and consequences. Everyone will have a different belief system in what is right or wrong, so no being can really affect the beliefs of the masses if they all believe things differently.

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