for this assignment you are to provide feedback in your own 220 words no plagerism. Please respond to the following:

I would choose to go with option three which states to shift regional leadership, seek a peaceful solution but risk renewed attention to domestic issues at home. The reason I would choose this option would be in order to establish the peace that is needed in order to focus on the domestic issues. There are many issues that are arising domestically which need to be dealt with before the country can proceed to take over additional territories outside of the country. Without control over the domestic population there will be uprisings or rebellions due to the population being unhappy. There are multiple concerns that come with focusing on expanding territory therefore we need to focus on the economic, social and/or individual needs of the country before we venture into new territory. The valuable resources that are being used elsewhere could help battle the lack of running water, the increased amount of pollution that is occurring and the growing discontentment of society due to the lack of progress on these issue.

Seeking a peaceful solution while risking renewed attention to domestic issues at home is the reasonable solution to this issue because it allows us to increase the contentment of the population while showing the population that we are attempting to rectify the problems that are occurring throughout our nation. The first option isn’t viable due to the angst of the Chinese people, even though the idea of losing face with America is somewhat an issue, it can be reestablished over time; unfortunately the same cannot be said for the Chinese people. The force of the Chinese people could cause rebellions or civil wars, which would not be okay for the presidency. The second option isn’t feasible due to the fact that it would require extended exertion of resources in order to exacerbate the security dilemma, which could be used in order to assist the Chinese’s economic, social, and individual systems. The increased aggression could cause other countries to attempt to take action against China, or could cause China to lose the territory that they have begun to acquire.

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