Film analysis

Here’s a link to the film you will write analysis paper on

The film is called GLASS, by Leighton Pierce (16mm, color, sound, 7 min., 1998, USA).

Take your time to view the film multiple times to observe the details.

Write an analysis of 750 to 1000 words on it. Your paper must be typewritten, double spaced with a standard 12-point font.

Look for what is unusual and distinctive about the way the film is made, and its formal qualities. What are the techniques used to structure the film? How does the filming, editing or sound challenge us and surprise us? How these formal elements contribute to or interact with our understanding of the film? A close textual analysis requires repeated viewings. Watch as many times as you can. You may even want to pause it to examine still frames or watch it in slow motion so that you can better analyze what is happening visually.

Your essay should discuss how the film exploits elements of film form by using detailed and concrete references to specific scenes and shots in the film. Describe the strategies being used, and discuss what these strategies bring to your experience of the film. Points will be deducted for poor grammar, punctuation and spelling. Proofread your paper carefully before handing it in. Here are examples of formal cinematic languages you could examine in your analysis:

VISUAL ORGANIZATION: Composition; camera movement and speed of motion; perspective relations; use of lenses and focus; lighting, including quality, source, direction and color; spatial organizatio (movement, color, balance); depth (planes of action, perspective, and shallow/deep space). EDITING: Graphic relations; rhythmic relation; spatial relations; temporal relations; use of different source materials such as found footage, photography and written text; relation between sound and image. SOUND: Selection; alteration and combinations of different types of sounds; music; voice-over; rhythm; fidelity; space and time. Keep in mind that your paper is not a film review. There is no need for a lengthy account of the film’s narrative. Information found through research is not the object of this paper. Such information, if used, should be brief and serve the argument you develop. Cite sources for such information. Focus on your own direct engagement with the film and base your analysis on your personal viewing experience.

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