FINA 6216 Valmont Industries Stock Problem EVA Calculations Case Report

Read over the Valmont Industries, Inc. case and complete this assignment. Recognize that your residual income or EVA (economic Value Added) is a single-period historical measure and does not definitively tell you what should be done in the future. You want to use the data in the case to develop your inputs and outline the assumptions that you are making and describe the calculations employed to develop your estimates. The basic EVA calculation for Valmont as a whole is provided in the Valmont Spreadsheet (attached)

Use the following questions to focus your analysis, but your report SHOULD NOT BE in question-and-answer format.

  1. Why do you think Valmont’s stock has “fallen out of favor” with Wall Street analysts? Do you think EVA can solve Valmont’s stock price problem? Review the spreadsheet provided that computes EVA for Valmont and use this analysis to support your answer.
  2. Using the financial data in Exhibit 5, and elsewhere, and assuming 10% as the WACC and 35% as the tax rate, compute EVA for Valmont’s business segments for the years 1990–1993. Compute for Irrigation and for the Industrial Construction and Valmont Electric units of the Industrial Products segment. You should also consider the EVA of segment competitors to get a sense of industry conditions for those segments. What conclusions can you draw? For example, should Valmont expand or contract Irrigation? Can you use EVA to help formulate the strategic direction of Valmont? Compute invested capital for a year as Beginning-of-Year Assets minus Accounts Payable minus Other Accrued Liabilities.


Structure your report as a business memo, and use the questions as a guide of what to cover. Write clearly, using proper grammar and punctuation. 4 pages (typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, one-inch margins) plus exhibits. Your report should contain an introduction, a summary of your analysis, and a conclusion. You will want to use an Excel spreadsheet to do the analysis for this assignment, but any exhibits should be produced in MS Word.

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