Final Portfolio RIP Companion Essay

  • A minimum of ONE (1) rough draft for your RIP Companion Essay
    • No formal rough draft for the Creative Project is required, though you may include drafts with your process work if you have them.
    • As usual, any extra drafts you have, please submit.
  • A selection of process work dedicated to your RIP Project
    • Can include class assignments, outlines, exploratory type drafts, notes, and anything else you used to help you draft the assignment
  • Your final draft of the RIP
    • Creative Project
    • Companion Essay
      • PLEASE copy/paste the text of the companion essay into a textbox and ALSO upload a word/google doc.
  • Your collection of reading questions/notes from the quarter (ie: all those questions I gave you for the reading and never collected–now’s your chance to show them off). Can be submitted as either a word/google doc OR scanned from a notebook (if you take your notes by hand). You do not need to type up handwritten notes. Please dedicate a separate section in your ePortfolio just to your reading questions.

Final ePortfolio Reflection Prompt

Your final ePortfolio reflection is like your midterm ePortfolio reflection; however, it should take on the scope of the entire quarter, rather than simply the past 5 weeks. You should build upon the skills and progress you discussed in your midterm ePortfolio reflection without repeating yourself, and discuss how your work on the RA informed your work on the RIP. Topics of discussion and reflection might include (but is not limited to) a selection of the following:

  • How your understanding of process work and the drafting/revision process grew and changed over the course of the quarter.
  • What you’re still working on in terms of your writing and understanding of the writing process.
  • How your experience with the RIP differed from the RA, and whether you feel you’ve made improvements since the RA.
  • How your understanding of genre (including the online legends genre) has deepened, changed, or expanded via your work on the RIP.
  • What you’re looking forward to and also dreading the most about taking Writing 39C: Argument and Research.
  • How you can transfer your newfound understanding of practicing and playing with genre to future classes and life overall.

As usual, avoid simply listing off the things you’ve done this quarter and instead make some critical, self-assessing inquiries into your own learning and writing experience this quarter. Try to illustrate all of your claims about the quarter by referring to specific examples from the quarter, whether they be assignments, discussions, or just memorable moments/epiphanies. Use the “I” pronoun while also attempting to remain objective in your assessment of the quarter. Of course, you may find it necessary to be subjective at times, but the goal, as always with academic writing, is to strive for truth, clarity, and an analytical tone.

Word Count: MINIMUM of 500 words, no maximum. Please dedicate an entire section of your ePortfolio to the Final ePortfolio Introduction.

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