Select a Multi-National company and conduct a marketing overview of the company.  Conduct research on the organization and apply the components of the syllabus to the company.  Your research paper should include the following:



Executive Summary

Address the following issues:

· What are the organization effective services marketing strategies.

· How does the three-stage model of service consumption effect your company

· What is the companies effective positioning strategy.

· Define the firms brand equity and offer of a branded experience.

· List and explain the four key questions that form the foundation of any service distribution strategy: What? How? Where? and When?

· Any issues of ethics and consumer concerns related to service 

· List and explain the 5 W’s of marketing communications planning

· Provide a flow charting of organizations  service offerings

· Illustrate the demand patterns and recognize that demand varies by segment, examine how to predict segment specific variations in demand.

· Illustrate the integrative service scape model.

· What is the history of your company in attracting, selecting, and hiring the right people for service jobs.

· Illustrate how to calculate the lifetime value of a loyal customer giving examples

· Discuss the guidelines for front line employees on how to handle complaining customers and recover from a service failure.

· Describe key customer feedback collection tools used

Summary and Conclusion

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