Find at least two articles or books and create a draft works cited page. These articles should provide information about what is already known about the topic you are researching.

At least one article or book should be an academic source; for example, from an academic journal or written by a PhD whose audience is mostly other academics. Here is a link to a list of sociological journals: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. You are not limited, however, to this list.

(1c) At least one article or book should use the same method that you will use. For example, if you are going to do a survey, find an article that uses the survey method. The other sources do not have to use the same method you use. This can be the same article as the academic article.

(1d) Cite at least two sources.

(2) Write a draft literature review section. In this section, you will summarize relevant previous research and talk about how your research adds to what is already known. Discuss how your sources relate to your research question and method. Since you have not conducted your research yet, you will have to guess a bit and revise later.

Grading rubric:

1. Cites at least two sources (one that uses the same method you will use, one that is academic — could be the same article)

2. Shows how sources relate to their research

3. Draft literature review is at least two paragraphs


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