find the thesis and the main points which are reasons in the essay “liberals, Don’t lose Faith in the First Amendment” ?

I’m working on a English exercise and need support.

Write out the thesis or main idea of the essay (in one sentence) and

then list the supporting reasons given in the essay (in one sentence).

It’d usually more efficient to paraphrase these ideas rather than trying

to quote directly from the essay. Keep it simple! You should come up

with something like the following for each essays:

“Title of Essay”

Thesis:( state the main idea in one sentence)

SR #1:( state the first “supporting reason” in one sentence)

SR#2: etc

SR#3: etc


short essays , there are likly to be only a few supporting reasons per

essay; if your list is getting longer than, say 5 or 6 reasons, you’re

including ideas that are not true supporting reasons.
ps : please make your outline exactly as the example i will provide below “drugs essay” please

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