“Fixed-Mindset Triggers” Please respond to the following:

  • Please view the following video by Alison Ledgerwood: (copy and paste into a new window please)
  • From mindsetonline.com, please read the “How can you change from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset?” page, and then respond to the following questions:
    • For example, a boss can call you into a meeting and tell you 25 items you do really well, and says but there is “this” that you have an ‘opportunity for growth.’ Although it is perfectly normal to walk out of the meeting and focus on the one area that is an “opportunity for growth’ rather than the 25 things we do well, how do we shift this thought individually and on a societal level?
    • And As Carol Dweck notes, we all hold both fixed and growth mindsets. Identifying situations that trigger a fixed-mindset voice can be a beneficial first step. These are situations that make you feel defensive, anxious, or worried about your ability (e.g., getting performance-improvement suggestions, low grades, new projects, etc.) What are some fixed-mindset triggers you experience at work and at school? Explain how you these make you feel.
    • Choose one of your identified fixed-mindset triggers. How might you respond with a growth mindset voice instead?
    • Think of a recent setback and explain how you were able to overcome it or how you plan to respond to the challenge.
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