Forgiveness Definition Paper

Write a 3 – 5 page paper (double spaced)

describing the definition of forgiveness.

Make sure that you include the following:

What is the definition of forgiveness that you now hold? (include: What is forgiveness? What is it not? Are there unforgiveable acts (why/why not)?).

Provide support for your opinion (you must reference at least 3 scholarly

journal articles, these can be assigned course readings).

• Is your definition the same as the definition you held at the beginning of this

course (make reference to your original definition from Assignment 1)?

• In what way is your definition similar/different to your original definition?

• Why has your definition changed or not changed?

Your paper must follow APA guidelines. You will need a title page and a reference

page (title page and reference page DO NOT count toward your page limit).

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