I need a 100 word response for each of these short forum posts. Each one is numbered where the new one starts. It doesn’t have to be extravagant just a simple response to each one. Each response should be separated and numbered 1,2,3 & 4.

1. 100 word response

  • -“She turned up her coat collar so he could not see that she was crying weakly—like an old woman.”(Steinback) The women in the story is not actually old but she might as well be in her eyes. She lives a very boring life and even if she is only 35 she will still be doing the same things in 30 years.
  • -He would come back some day; they couldn’t make him pay forever. But he wanted his child, and nothing was much good now, beside that fact. (Fitzgerald) Charlie the man in the story is unable to have custody of his child and its because of his past. He spent his younger years drinking and partying and is still trying to make up for this. He was wealthy but all he wants his to be with his daughter.

    -You can bet on Franco, or Mussolini, or Hitler, if you want. But my money goes on Hipolito. (Hemingway) The chauffeur Hipolito in the story was shown to be brave and a good man from the narrators perspective he would choose him over any of those famous dictators to lead because of this.

    From the stories from Hemingway and Elliot the men in the story are strong but alone. None of the stories have the usual love interest with the characters being in war in Hemingway’s stories and Elliot’s characters feeling alone for the stories. I felt Elliot’s stories were more about questioning the modern man where Hemingway painted a picture of them.


    I used this resource to help me better understand TS Elliot’s poem “The Hollow Men”. I used it because I really couldn’t get a good understanding of the poem and it helped me draw some conclusions that I was just missing. I think this could be used in an academic paper it comes from a universities website so it is a trustworthy source.

    2. 100 word response

  • Part I
  • When reading the story ‘Babylon Revisited’ the first symbol that stood out to me was the one drink that Charlie had every day. This insisted that Charlie was an alcoholic and is recovering from it. This had labeled him as a person that only cared about himself to family members. He struggled with alcohol due to hanging out with the wrong crowd and the loss of his wife. The second symbol was his daughter Honoria. She was the key factor that help him win the battle against alcohol. Honoria filled his heart with joy, which caused him to turn his life around. The third symbol that I found in this story was Charlie’s two friends. They painted a picture of what kind of person Charlie was back in the past which lead to him to becoming an alcoholic. In the end Charlie won his battle with being an alcoholic.

    Part II

    The ‘Modern Man’ portrays a man that is struggling to find peace within himself. As hard times found came his way, he would look for ways to overcome them. Even though life would try to defeat him he would overcome them and prevail.

    Part III

    The website that I website that helped me better understand the story “Babylon Revisted” is https://www.shmoop.com/babylon-revisited/summary.html. This website helped me get a better understanding of what the story entailed by breaking down everything from a short summary of the story and then breaking up into parts with delated events that occurred. This website could be used in a for literacy essay. It breaks everything down for the reader get a better understanding of the story.

    3. 100 word response

  • For part one, the symbolism I saw in Babylon Revisited was the bar at the hotel. It must be significant since the work starts and ends in the Ritz bar, so it is meaningful to the main character. In the Chrysanthemums, the Salinas Valley seems to be a symbol to the main character. The description of the Valley is detailed and seems to be almost like a trap to Elisa that cannot be escaped. In Hollow Men, it seems as though everything in the Hollow Men’s world is dry. This dryness can be seen in the desert and in the desert there is not much to sustain life.
  • For part two, I can’t say this was an easy task to try and figure out what the authors were trying to covey as what the modern man is supposed to be. It seems as though the modern man is in a constant struggle such as in The Hollow Men and The Fight on the Hilltop. I think that the Modern Man is trying to find himself in a world that is changing very rapidly and that is it in fact a struggle to do so.

    I found a very helpful article that helped me understand a bit more about modernism at https://faculty.unlv.edu/kirschen/handouts/modernism.html. I was pretty confused after the lesson on the AMU website under lessons, and this article basically told me my confusion was warranted. Along with that, It explained that Modernism was the separation that authors wanted to make from the Victorian era, and in that separation the authors wanted to write and makes something totally new. This resource would be helpful as preliminary research to better understand Modernism as a whole before a paper or project is started.

    Works Cited:

    Steinbeck, J. The Chrysanthemums. n.d.

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    4. 100 word response

  • Class,
  • In Ernest Hemingway’s “The Fight on the Hilltop,” El Sordo says “If one must die, he thought, and clearly one must, I can die. But I hate it.” This presents the symbol of honor in war and in this story it means that, as a soldier, El Sordo is not afraid to die on the battlefield. Even though he doesn’t want to, he will do it for the honor that comes with fighting for his country. The second poem in “In Just” by E. E. Cummings personifies Earth. Through this quote, “To the incomparable couch of death thy rhythmic lover thou answerest them only with spring”, talks about how humans have tried to make sense of Earth through science and formulas, but in the end, Earth is just Earth. The first poem in the “Seven Poems,” by E. E. Cummings has a symbol of a Christmas tree. The quote that I chose for this poem is “I will kiss your cool bark and hug you safe and tight just as your mother would only don’t be afraid.” At first, I found this very odd but he uses the symbol of the tree to compare it to an abandoned child and he would love it as a mother would love a child.

    In the “Hollow Man” by T.S. Eliot, I interpreted the men to be useless and unworthy for life and death. The reasons for this is never explained but the impression it puts on the “Modern Man” is that the worthless men are left for nothing in a Hell-like state and embarrassed for being so mindless. This connects with the Modernist Era that the lecture describes as “a growing pessimism, a sense of disorientation, and a drift into numbing meaningless.”

    The web-based resource that I located was History.com and a biography article about F. Scott Fitzgerald. The website talked about his parents, his work, his wife and how he was an alcoholic. I was able to learn some more specifics about his life and when the article discussed a piece of his work right after, it usually had a plot that was similar to his life. For example, the author wrote about how he lived in Paris with his wife and they partied a lot and tried to make money to match his luxurious lifestyle. The piece of work that was discussed right after these facts was The Great Gatsby which included a wealthy man who lived a life much like Fitzgerald and wanting the love from a woman. I think that this research could be used more for preliminary research because it briefly talks about everything but I think that there could be other resources that have more information about his wife, alcoholism, and work. The website can be used for academic use but just to outline some of his life and so there would need to be further research on these topics discussed in the article.


    “F. Scott Fitzgerald” History.com. A+E Networks, 2010, http://www.history.com/

    topics/f-scott-fitzgerald. Accessed 26 October 2017.

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