I need a 250 word response for each of the postings listed below. So all together that’s a total of 500 words separated into 250 for both responses. Responses should be listed as 1 & 2 as well.


Professor and class,

Hopefully everyone is having a great week and the overall stress levels are going down. When I read the lesson plan this week, it made me wish I had the checklist when I was writing the rough draft, although that would have defeated the purpose of it being there to polish up the paper for the final submission.

While going down the first checklist, I got hung up on the second point, following my outline. I stuck with the outline somewhat, but deviated when my research faltered on a few of my topic points. I definitely wanted to stick with using the APUS library for my sources to eliminate the need to screen outside sources for reliability, but ended up using Cornell Law School for a case that I was unable to find on the APUS library. When I deviated from my outline, I believe it might have blurred the continuity a little, so I am going to try to refine that and tighten it up for my final submission.

I used my spouse for proofreading my rough draft, and he was able to catch several errors that I missed. Having someone else proofread your work is essential to delivering the best product that you can. He caught quite a few of the items from the second checklist, such as a statement I made that was personal opinion that I did not back up with a source, it was biased. Some of my paragraphs were also choppy; I will have to tweak them before next week’s due date. One of the articles I read from a few forums ago pointed out that proofreading is not a one-time thing, and it is ok to have it proofread as many times as needed before you get it right (Cuddy, 2002). Some people are inherently decent writers, and good grammar and words just flow correctly. I am not one of those people, and needed to have my paper proofread three times before I submitted it.

One of the things I questioned in the checklist was why do we need to avoid everyday expressions or colloquialisms, if they are something that everyone understands. I got the answer stated rather well from the APUS library. “Such phrases, after excessive use, no longer evoke pictures but become ordinary words with no vestige left that they were once poetry at all” (Williams, 2004;2009, p. 76). It is our job as writers to paint the word picture for the reader, and overuse of clichés and expressions eventually lose their interest.

Typing the document in Word is extremely important. When I started this degree, I did not have Microsoft Word and submitted my papers in an .rtf format. This led to spelling errors and punctuation errors that could have easily been avoided. So for anyone that is at this stage that still does not have Word, I highly encourage you to get it.

Good luck to everyone on finishing up their final papers!




Cuddy, C. M. (2002). Demystifying APA style. Orthopedic Nursing, 21(5), 35-42. doi:10.1097

Williams, D. (2004;2009;). Sin boldly! : Dr. Dave’s guide to writing the college paper. New York: Basic Books. Retrieved from https://ebookcentral-proquest-com.ezproxy1.apus.ed…


Hello Class,

For the purpose of this week’s lesson and the forum, we are revising our rough drafts as needed. During the writing process, I found myself getting excited and sticking to one point of my outline longer than needed. I may have had more sentences needed instead I could have summarized a bit more. I wish I had checklist two prior to writing.

So, with this in mind, I have reviewed my ROUGH draft accordingly using both checklists. I feel could have done much better. I feel it does not flow as good and I think I may not have given clear, concise justification or support to my thesis. I think its strong and certainly gives some valid support I’m just being super critical.

During the writing process, I used my annotated bibliography throughout in conjunction with my outline. I felt this helped keep me on track and organized. However, after rereading it I felt I may have wandered off a bit. This is something I will be working to correct in my final draft.

Reading it I found some sentences needed restructuring, so I condensed a few sentences making them a little clearer to the reader ensuring they are sticking to the point. I still do not feel 100 percent of the overall flow. I think my thesis is not exact to the point and maybe a little broad. However, the support I have formed throughout my paper doe draw the picture needed to support my thesis.

Grammar and punctuation was something I checked and ran through Grammarly prior to submitting. Proofreading it utilizing the checklist 1 and 2 and reworking a few sentences I will be sure to double check thereafter.

Some things that I have also found that needed to be corrected were my citations. Not all of them but a few spaces needed to be added here and there. I doubled checked my in-text citations resulting in a few errors. Moving forward, some advice would be to double check citations both full and in-text.

Going through checklist two I was found rewording and ensuring my topic sentences captured the reader and was a good segway to the information within the paragraph. I don’t think I was off topic too much. However, after tweaking a little more and reading the sentences out load I can certainly see where the confusion might lie.

I think the topic I had chosen was not a bad topic. I think there is a lot of information all over the internet that shows the importance of carrying a firearm in public concealed. But it is hard to prove why open carry is more valuable than concealed. Overall, I think my paper should do good. I will proofread it a few more times. I will also use tutor.com accessible and free through the library, just search tutor.com and it should prompt you for the right spot. I am hoping to let a few co-workers proofread my final paper as well.

As the weekends I think I will go through the forum this week to gain further insight from the class on some things I could improve on as well.


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