You should focus your review on the American Revolution and the French Revolution.

Conduct research on two more revolutions on your own: the Russian Revolution and the Chinese Revolution.

Make use of the resources such as graphic organizers. Especially focus on paraphrasing sources and making use of in-text citations. For more information on how to do this, visit:…

First, you will include a chart with four sections. You must include the review you conducted on the American and French Revolutions, including facts :Quotes or paraphrased notes are acceptable. The other two sections will show your research on the Russian and Chinese Revolution.

Now that your review and your research are completed, you can move on to the writing stage

Choose only one of the revolutions we studied (American or French) and one that you researched independently (Russian or Chinese). Write a compare and contrast essay comparing the two revolutions. Choose three points of comparison (three things they have in common or different) for your body paragraphs.

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