Global Business Relationships Assessment

Assessment 2

Complete the following:

1. Use the Capella library or Internet to research the following philosophical approaches to ethics—sometimes referred to as “straw men.” Some ethics scholars consider these approaches as exemplifying the inherent challenges in determining guidelines for ethical decision making in a multi-national organization. 

· The Friedman Doctrine.

· Cultural Relativism.

· The Righteous Moralist.

· The Naive Immoralist.

2. Write an analysis of the role that social responsibility plays in doing business internationally. To guide your analysis, consider the organizational structures and hierarchies of any organization involved in international business. In your analysis, address the following questions:

· What effect does an organization’s ethical standing, or reputation, have on its business abroad?

· Will any of these philosophical approaches to ethics work in the organization you have in mind? Why or why not?

· How does a particular philosophical approach to ethics reflect on an organization and its managers?

3. Support your analysis with references from the Capella University Library, globalEDGE, or other Internet sources.

Additional Requirements

Use the following guidelines when writing your analysis:

· Length: 250–500 words.

· Writing: Your analysis should be free of grammar and spelling errors, demonstrating strong written communication skills.

· Format and References: Use proper APA-formatted references and in-text citations when identifying your sources.

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