Graduate Student Success week 6 Discussion

This week you will be sharing your personal brand and a video recording of your elevator pitch!Share your Personal Branding Statement first. This should not be any more than 1-2 sentences. Next, share who you are “in the elevator with” and what job you hope for. This will help your peers identify with the context of your post and help them evaluate the effectiveness of your pitch. Also share what area(s) you want your peers to address when they provide feedback. Finally, you are to upload your video recording of your elevator pitch and be sure sure the recording works. This should not be any longer than 20 seconds.In your follow-up posts to your peers, discuss one strength and one area of opportunity for improvement.  Address how the strength worked in your peer’s favor.  Make sure to provide a specific suggestion on how to improve the area of opportunity. You may comment on topics such as;ProfessionalismClarityPresentationConfidenceCharismaMemorable natureInformation given during the pitchOther things that stand out

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