Grey Wolf paper

Use the drafts to finish the final paper of grey wolf.Rubric is uploaded as well. 5-6 pages.Grey (also spelled gray) wolves are currently listed as endangered under the federal Endangered Species Act in the western two-thirds of Washington State (this is the state decision to treat it as endangered). Though state Endangered Species protections remain statewide, wolves have been federally delisted in the eastern third of Washington State. Grey wolves are listed as endangered under state law because they were nearly wiped out a century ago by settlers. In the last decade, however, grey wolves have started to re-establish themselves in Eastern Washington due to recovery efforts in nearby states and dispersal from Canada and thus the Federal Government delisted them in 2011.Given that their mandate is unclear, the affected county governments in the Eastern third of Washington State would like to take a position that is well researched and thought out. You have been hired as an external, non-biased consultant to a consortium of county governments from the Eastern part of Washington State. You are asked to prepare a recommendation on how to proceed regarding whether the state protection status should be increased, decreased, or stay the same. Please provide details with your recommendation and the reasoning behind your decision. Keep in mind recent developments at the federal level as you make your state Endangered Species protections recommendation.

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