HA530 Unit 7 Assignment

Using as referenceTitle: Fundamentals of Human Resource ManagementEdition: 13th (2019)Author: DeCenzo, Robbins and VerhulstPublisher: Wiley BookISBN: 978-1-119-49518-5Chapter 9: “Managing Careers”RespondHow are employers involved in employee and career development activities?Using the same references in two different paragraph give your personal opinion to Akon Udoroh and Riva InocencioCareer Development Activities at My JobRiva InocencioI can use my job as a healthcare concierge at a large healthcare corporation as an example here. There exist many different extra “trainings” online in my employee portal that I can take to improve my skills at work. For example, there are presentations on leadership, systems languages, and other skills that would aid us in, not only our job performance, but also our career development/overall skill set. These trainings are usually accompanied by evaluations that test our knowledge and we are awarded with “badges” that we can link to our LinkedIn accounts.In addition to trainings, there are regular seminars that we are able to attend during workdays – I do not know about you but, I would love to get paid to learn! The last session had the theme of HIPAA in which there were presentations on how to best protect PHI, HIPAA’s importance, and best practices to protect PHI within a database (given by a systems analyst). These examples of career development activities aim to give employees some competitive edge against their peers who may be encouraged to do so also. Thus, sharpening the skills of the organization’s workforce as a whole.Akon UdorohWhat is the advantage of using job descriptions, job specifications, and job evaluations?The advantages of using job descriptions for the employer is that they provide clear requirements and expectations of the position. Job descriptions and specifications helps individuals decide if they are interested in this position,  if the position is right for them, and if they want to  proceed with the application process.Advantages of job evaluations are that they monitor employees  performance quality, evaluates job standards and expectations. Evaluations also provide leaders with opportunities to provide employees with guidance in the areas that may need improvement.ReferencesChandra, A. (2006). Employee Evaluation Strategies for Healthcare Organizations–A General Guide. Hospital Topics, 84(2), 34–38. https://doi.org/10.3200/HTPS.84.2.34-38

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