HA565 Unit 8 Discussion

Using as references:Gregg Fahrenholz, C., & Russo, R. (2013). Documentation for Health Records. Chicago, Illinois: AHIMA Press.Chapter 8 “Federal and State Requirement and Accreditation Guidelines”Gregg Fahrenholz, C., & Russo, R. (2013). Documentation for Health Records. Chicago, Illinois: AHIMA Press.Chapter 11 “ Facility Based Long-term Care”Caffrey, C., & Park-Lee, E. (2013). Use of electronic health records in residential care communities. NCHS Data Brief, (128), 1-8.Shaw, C. D., Braithwaite, J., Moldovan, M., Nicklin, W., Grgic, I., Fortune, T., & Whittaker, S. (2013). Profiling health-care accreditation organizations: an international survey. International Journal For Quality In Health Care, 25(3), 222-231. doi:10.1Identify a facility in your area (South Florida, USA)by looking on the Internet. Find out as much as you can about the facility including the types of services that it offers. Describe the facility in terms of size, organization, types of patients, and average length of stay. What type of facility is it? What types of licensure and accreditation do they have? Do they provide ambulatory care or acute care? Did your findings surprise you?Using their same references in two different paragraph give your personal opinion to Marivette Bedoya and  Leeann ForsytheLeeann ForsytheWillamette Valley Medical Center (WVMC) is a for profit level 3 acute care hospital that is located in the heart of wine country in McMinnville Oregon, just 12 miles from my home residence. WVMC is a rural community hospital that was built in 1996, has 60 licensed acute care beds, and is fully accredited by the Joint Commission and licensed by the state of Oregon. WVMC is one of 117 hospitals in the nation to be named a Top Performer on Key Quality Measures 5 years in a row by the Joint Commissions. WVMC has a 24- hour emergency department that offers imaging and laboratory services round the clock.  They have a joint replacement institute, critical care unit, senior behavioral unit, a family birthing center, a cancer center, a wound care center, a full spectrum of in-patient and out-patient surgical services, endoscopy, cardiac Cath lab, speech therapy, cardiopulmonary services, in- patient and out-patient diagnostic testing services. WVMC was recently acquired by Lifepoint Health. I work on call for WVMC in the Cardiopulmonary department and love working in such a wonderful, caring environment. I enjoy caring for members of my community and am proud to part of their care team(Willamette Valley Medical Center,2020).ReferencesWillamette Valley Medical Center. (2020). About us. Retrieved May 14, 2020, from https://willamettevalleymedical.com/about-us/Marivette Bedoya .Tucson Medical Center is a hospital located in Tucson, Arizona. The is one of the various hospitals that we have in Pima county. Tucson Medical Center, licensed at more than 600 beds, has been Tucson’s locally governed nonprofit regional hospital for more than 75 years (About Tucson Medical Center, n.d.). Tucson Medical provides many services such as ICU, Labor and Deliver, Children’s hospital section, dialysis and services that are inpatient and outpatient. However, Tucson Medical Center is the leading provider for emergency and pediatric care. Tucson Medical Center has the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal for hospital accreditation by demonstrating compliance with the commission’s performance standards; including the alignment with Abacus Health, membership in the Mayo Clinic, and partnership in the Southern Arizona hospital alliance (About Tucson Medical Center, n.d.). Tucson Medical Center is a non-profit health system that provides ambulatory care. I did not find my finding surprising, due to the fact that I have a great experience with this hospital and it is well known.References:About Tucson Medical Center. (n.d.). Retrieved from https://www.tmcaz.com/about-tmc/

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