HA575 Unit 5 Discussion

What developments in healthcare have encouraged the use of more direct marketing techniques?ReferencesThomas, R. K. (2015). Marketing health services (3rd ed.). Health Administration Press.After clicking the link above, click on chapter 10 and chapter 11 to read them.Genchev, E. & Todorova, G. (2017). Sales promotion activities: Effective tool of marketing communication mix. Trakia Journal Of Sciences, 15(Supp1), 181-185. doi:10.15547/tjs.2017.s.01.033Silvia, M., & Veronica, P. (2017). Few Marketing Tools to Communicate and Promote the Vaccination Campaigns. Ovidius University Annals, Series Economic Sciences, 17(1), 330-335.In two diferent paragraph give your personal opinion to  Felita Daniel-sacagiu and  Marivette BedoyaFelita Daniel-sacagiuHealthcare marketers implement marketing strategies and target their audiences by advertising in a defined geographical radius (geo-fencing) to focus, specifically on the targeted audience.  By targeting based on location, healthcare marketers improve the likelihood that their efforts reach an optimal audience (Druckenmiller, 2018).Marketers use geographic location(s) to understand consumers and personalize their marketing outreach to successfully find, guide, and keep patients for life.  They should take advantage of technology and the digital experience to support hyper-targeting efforts that drive high-value service like growth, and improve network utilization (Druckenmiller, 2018).Before the development of geo-fencing, marketers depend on mass media to reach their customer base, with the hopes that enough people were watching resulting in potential customers.Location-Based Marketing is another marketing used by healthcare marketers.  Marketers use the elected GPS features on smartphones to locate and target potential customers based on the proximity to a hospital or facility in “real-time”.  CVS uses location-based marketing by sending coupons to customers.  When customers who use the store’s mobile app pass by a store, electronic coupons are pushed to their phones based on their previous purchase(s).  This technique is implemented to promote store sales.Druckenmiller, G. (2018, June 26). Stay Ahead of the Competition: 5 Healthcare Marketing Trends to Know. Retrieved July 05, 2020, from https://www.evariant.com/blog/5-healthcare-marketing-trends-to-knowMarivette BedoyaWhat are advantages and disadvantages of utilizing electronic media instead of print media in healthcare marketing?The internet is easily accessible by any person at any given point in time. A post on social media sites can possible go viral, attracting more attention that one may even have anticipated for the dollar output. Digital ads are easy to change and design to accommodate change. Digital advertising is much less expensive than print media. Digital media is less time consuming and more flexible (Lewis, 2019). With print, an individual can choose the styled of publications that will target the audience.Digital messaging can often disappear after generating an impression on the reader. Print media allows for opportunities of repeated exposure in being shared throughout the population and potential buyers. Electronic messages can get delivered without notification or consideration of the reader preparedness (Lewis, 2019). Print media enables reader flexibility. Another disadvantage of digital media is the lack of a sensory experience (Lewis, 2019). Print media allows for consumers to touch the ad while analyzing the message.References:Lewis, L. (2019, February 11). How to Start a Small Newspaper Business. Retrieved from https://bizfluent.com/how-6524700-start-small-newspaper-business.html

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