The purpose of this assignment is to assess students’ progress throughout the course. It requires students to respond to the following question: Having spent the semester studying peace, what would you suggest is/are the best way(s) to pursue/attain peace? In answering this question, students should also briefly reflect back on the issues raised in their first writing assignment and discuss how their understanding of these issues has (or hasn’t) changed over the course of the semester. Students are required to draw from course materials (minimum of four citations). As in all written assignments, students will be evaluated based on organization/composition, understanding of course material, application of course material, effort, and mechanics/grammar.

the peace studies 2 document is the first paper which is mentioned in the instructions ( short writing 2 instructions) the other 4 documents are the articles that must the paper talk about them ( the sources ) I will upload other two articles ( you should pick 4 of the 6 articles and use them as sources )

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