HCS 475 Benchmark Assignment—Summary Memo

Resources: Change Management worksheet and Week Five Case StudiesReview the Problem Analysis worksheet you completed in Week Four.Select one of the solutions you proposed in the Problem Analysis worksheet.Write a 350- to 700-word summary memo explaining why your solution will be effective in resolving the change/conflict, how you propose to implement the solution, and your role as a leader to manage conflict and create an effective work environment.Include the following in your summary:Summarize the problem and the solution you propose to implement.Analyze why you think the solution will be effective.Analyze what needs to be considered when implementing the proposed solution.Analyze the leadership style that best fits in this situation.Analyze the leader’s role in managing the conflict.What is your role as a leader and how would you manage this conflict?Explain the leader’s role in creating an effective work group when implementing the proposed solution.Include a references page with your summary.Cite your references according to APA guideline

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